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What You Will Be Eating On Our Fruit Diet

Our fruit diet program has been crafted for four purposes: detoxification, healing, weight loss, and breaking food addictions. Important modifications have been made to this program for reasons that will become clear.

In addition to the abundance of fruit, there will also be included:

  • Raw nuts (which are considered a type of fruit and are included in a fruitarian’s diet)
  • Fresh veggie juice
  • Raw or steamed veggies for supper
  • A clean-burning protein for supper

The reasons for including raw nuts, vegetables, and protein foods are:

  • Expand the spectrum of nutrients you will consume, providing what is essentially a balanced diet without compromising detoxification.
  • Including clean-burning protein and healing fats in the form of raw nuts will allow you to remain active, providing enough clean-burning, sustaining energy to continue rigorous workouts. This program can be used by body builders as a cutting phase, allowing you to maintain muscle mass while reducing fat, with the huge added bonus of detoxification. (Because most body builders eat a high amount of protein foods, detoxification is a vital and often missed component in their fitness program.)
  • Adding heavier foods like raw nuts will greatly increase the chance of staying on the program without compromising cleansing. I’m a little obsessive about wanting to create something people will actually do. If you fail, I feel as though I have failed. Consequently, a lot of thought has gone into creating meal plans, not only with your cells in mind, but also being mindful of the complex emotions you are going to be experiencing while on the fruit diet.

Nutrition Overview of Our Fruit Diet

All of the food you will be eating has been carefully chosen to provide the biggest nutritional bang for your caloric buck, offering the broadest spectrum of cleansing nutrients without compromising detoxification and healing. Let’s take a quick look at the high-octane fuel you will be feeding your 300 trillion cells.

Fruit Non-addictive and without creating cravings, fruit sugars are the most perfect fuel for the human cell. Gentle, slow-releasing, and energy-sustaining fructose is compounded with vitamins, minerals, water-soluble proteins, enzymes, and trace elements. Fructose acts as a nutrition delivery system to your cells.

There are hundreds of varieties of fruits, but the ones chosen for our recipes have two criteria: year-round availability, and concentrated in vitamins, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. The berry family is the highest in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants; they are the superstars of fruit. Citrus is packed with the powerful cleanser and antioxidant, vitamin C. Cantaloupes are rich in digestive enzymes and vitamins. Just as fruits differ in shape, taste, and color, each has its own unique blend of Phytochemicals. The more colorful your fruit salads, the broader the spectrum of nutrients.

If you have a favorite fruit that has not been included in our recipes, then by all means, feel free to substitute with approximately the same serving size. Every day, I will be spotlighting a particular fruit, nut, or veggie so that you have some idea of the magic going on beneath your skin.

Raw nuts Raw nuts are the big players in the world of healthy fats and oils, and a great source of protein. Many people mistakenly think that salt-free roasted almonds or seeds are raw. The fact is, most nuts and seeds you find in stores are salted, deep-fried, and often contain additives like MSG, turning a wholesome snack into an addictive food. The best way to eat these concentrated nutrients is fresh and raw. Eating nuts raw ensures undamaged oils with no additives; moreover, raw nuts and seeds have a longer shelf life. Because raw foods are not addictive, you are less apt to over-snack on these calorie-rich foods.

The real beauty of nuts and seeds is that they are full of heart-friendly monounsaturated fat, and are a valuable source of omega 3 fatty acids and oil-soluble vitamins, and are a good source of fiber. The same cannot be said about meat, the most common protein-rich food. By the way, if you are concerned about the additional calories in oil, rest at ease—it has been discovered that the good oil in raw nuts and seeds actually helps reduce body fat.

Homemade salad dressing I will provide my secret salad dressing recipe. If you have never mixed your own dressing, don’t worry; it’s fast and easy. The reason for making your own is that most name-brand dressings are produced with unhealthy oils, preservatives, and additives. You are going to learn how to make a delicious dressing with the very finest ingredients, which will include oils that are rich in omegas 3 and 6. Along with raw nuts, your salad dressing will be a major player in reducing inflammation, lowering bad cholesterol, and increasing brain function, along with providing an excellent source of vitamin E and valuable oil-based antioxidants.

 Raw veggies While fruits are rich in vitamins, vegetables are plentiful in minerals, supplying different forms of antioxidants and Phytochemicals, widening the spectrum of detoxifying nutrients. Greens are jam-packed with bulking fiber, vitamins, minerals, protective micronutrients, and detoxifying chlorophyll. Another plus is that veggies are very low in starch and calories and high in bulking fiber; hence, raw veggies provide the feeling of fullness and make a perfect before-bedtime meal.

Fresh veggie juice Now we are talking about something that really excites me, and it should excite you, too! All the essential nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within their fibers. A juice extractor frees these essential nutrients so they can be absorbed and used directly, requiring a minimum amount of digestive effort. Therefore, the metabolic energy can be used 100% for cleansing mucoid matter from the lymph system and toxins. You may not be able to eat a whole bag of spinach, five carrots, an apple, two celery stalks, and a clove of garlic (if you dare), but you can drink them all in one glass of liquid nutrients. Adding veggie juice to your fruit diet increases the nutrients you will be consuming while scarcely affecting the number of calories.

Salmon Wild sockeye (or Pacific) salmon is almost free of contaminants and a whopping 60% of its calories come from protein. But that’s not all; Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the primary building block of the brain cell membrane, which affects brain architecture in the central nervous system and has a direct influence on learning ability and intelligence. Fish, such as salmon, are high in DHA. Their bodies have already converted DHA from their omega 3-rich diet. Now you understand the science behind the adage “fish is brain food.”

Chicken Breast I am talking about the skinless, boneless variety. One breast contains 24 grams of protein, costing only 120 calories. Low in fat and calories, and high in protein and convenience, chicken is a good choice.

When you put all of the above together, you have an incredible diet and cleansing program with the added bonus of doability.

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