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I'm Nuts About Juicing!

And so are the 300 trillion cells of your body

If you are interested in anti-aging, detoxifying, maintaining radiant health, or discovering what type of juice will heal and protect from just about every ailment, then sit your cells down and enjoy.

Becoming a juice nut has its benefits. All the nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within their fibers. A juicer frees these concentrated nutrients in liquid form so they can be absorbed directly into every cell, requiring minimum digestive effort, flooding your body with a clean source of powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes, many of  which are able to perform cellular detoxification.

You may not be able to eat five carrots, an apple, two celery stalks, a whole bag of spinach, and a clove of garlic, but you can easily drink them all in a tall glass of liquid nutrients. Adding two glasses of fresh veggie and fruit juice to your daily diet will increase nutrients more effectively than any pill or powder, while scarcely affecting your caloric intake, providing a blast of anti-cancer, anti-aging antioxidants in a glass. Now that’s something to go nuts over!

But there is more to juicing than health; your 10,000 taste buds will go nuts over the explosive flavors in fresh juice! 

If you’ve never taken a mouthful of fresh cantaloupe juice, you simply have not lived. Blueberry and apple juices are tastes of liquid heaven. Just a few sips of carrot/apple/spinach juice and, within minutes, you can actually feel energy and health coursing through your veins. Frozen concentrates cannot compare to the taste of freshly juiced oranges and grapes.  

As well as providing detailed nutritional information about all of the common fruits and veggies in your supermarket, I will be giving you lots of suggestions so that you will be well on your way to becoming a juice inventor. Have some fun with juice combinations and, if you create something really spectacular, please share it with me:info@thejuicenut.com

Also if you are interested in information about juice fasting, breaking food addictions or spiritual health, check out Ron's other site: www.freedomyou.com 

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