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The Juice Nut, Ron LagerquistDuring the last twenty years, Ron has been mostly researching, writing, and juicing.  The results: radiant health; two popular websites, freedomyou.com and thejuicenut.com; the four book The Steps To Freedom Program, including the international bestseller, Fasting To Freedom; and the recently published The Fruit Diet Program. His websites receive over a million visits a year and thousands of email testimonies from grateful readers who have found freedom from serious illnesses, food addiction, or are simply feeling a whole lot better. Ron’s personal battle with food addiction and compulsive eating is woven throughout his work, producing brutally honest, heartfelt writing. 

“I am constantly amazed at the shelves of diet books that explain why the reader should stop eating harmful foods, under the assumption that they can simply just do it. There's nothing simple about dealing with the emotions of change. This is where people need the greatest help and yet, in most programs, receive the least support.” Ron Lagerquist, The Fruit Diet Program

Many testify of experiencing profound personal breakthroughs when applying the clear solutions Ron provides in his books, not only about what to eat, but how to make the deeper emotional changes that will last a lifetime.

A Personal Word from Ron Lagerquist

I'm nuts about juicing, and for good reason. I just turned fifty years old and have never felt better in all my life. Blood pressure of 110 over 70, perfect cholesterol levels, and zero health problems. Weighing in at 173 pounds, my body is lean and solid. I wake up full of energy and ready to face the day, which includes cycling, running, or lifting weights. When friends and co-workers are in bed with colds and flus, I sail along, rarely getting sick. People are amazed when I tell them my age, which I do at every opportunity. Just in case you assume that all this vigor is the result of good genetics, think again. Most of my childhood and early adult life was plagued with sickness, a weak immune system, and serious allergies like asthma and eczema. In fact, at fifty, I am in far better health, deal with less depression, have a clearer mind, and get fewer colds and flus than when I was in my late twenties.

Truth be known, I have always struggled with addiction. Throughout my twenties, I cultivated a major dependency on junk food. A wiry teenage body slowly transformed into an overripe pear. Not knowing it at the time, I had replaced the drug addiction of my early years with a different type of addiction: junk food. I was raised in a typical North American household in which hot dogs and Kraft Dinner with a side of creamed corn was considered a healthy, well-balanced supper. Other than the vitamin C in our Tang, there was almost no connection made between food and health. Just reckoned that cruising toward 30, low energy, chronic allergies, weak immune system, and growing belly were inevitable. Taking on the shape and health problems of my father, I just chalked it up to bad genetics. And then a 30-day cleansing diet changed everything.

At thirty years of age, chronically sick and depressed, a caring friend convinced me to go to a local seminar being held on detoxification and healthy eating. This energetic skinny man in plaid pants clicked through overheads of cancerous growths, black stools, twisted fat molecules, and de-beaked chickens, while providing indisputable information of how all my favorite foods had been stripped of nutritional quality and fortified with dangerous chemicals for the sake of profit. At that moment, an unexpected thing happened; something inside made a tiny click, a mental click that would change the course of my future: I’m not stuck with this body. I can do something about my health.

The result was a painful but liberating 30-day juice diet. Caffeine dependency and junk food addiction broke away, salt levels balanced in my blood, and years of mucus buildup was eliminated. Toxic waste from thousands of hot dogs and fries cannibalized and exited my body. Twenty days into the diet, I experienced a level of emotional and physical wellbeing that I never thought possible. There was no point of reference, even in childhood. I had never breathed so deeply and freely, feeling clean energy from head to toe.

Two decades of studying, writing, and being forced to work through my own food addictions, have birthed a growing passion to share this knowledge with anyone who will listen. My desire is that you will experience the realization I had when I woke up twenty years ago to the realization that my future was not at the mercy of bad genetics, but that I have the power to take control of my health, and live a long, vigorous life. So now it’s your turn. Starting today, you can take control of your health!

Ron's Other Site: Freedomyou

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Hi Ron, I found your site a couple of days ago and immediately bookmarked it. In fact, your site is packed with so much great information, that I haven't even closed the page. I look forward to learning about more recipes, their nutrients & health benefits, when I get the change to sit down at my computer. Your site was exactly what I needed!! I have recommended your site to my son and a friend (so far). Your testimony is inspiring! My husband and I watched the documentary: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about a month ago. I began my juice fast (with the intention of 60 days), but an unexpected special event happened & I went off the fast after 8 days. Now, I'm in my 2nd week & struggling 2 get back on it. Your site is encouraging to me because you tell how you broke the junk food addiction and all the great health benefits you experienced because of your juice fast. With a variety of recipes, I will keep on till I do it! I do have a couple of questions, Ron. Lots of your recipe ingredients include, apple. Which kind do you recommend or does it matter? Which color of pears are you referring to as hard pear? Do you mean un-ripe pears? Looking forward to your reply. Have a great day and God bless you!!!
DeLaina L Sims
Excellent testimony. Been dealing with CFS for many years . Been reading your freedom you website on and off for 5 years. It is my favourite Chistian fasting website. Question: Juicing every single day and cleaning up can be time consuming and a real pain. How long and how can you store juice without sacrificing it's nutritional value? What about freezing and thawing advice?
Beautiful story...well-written and inspiring!
Kathryn Saunders
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