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Fruit Diet and Weight Loss

"You will appreciate the detox and anti-aging properties of the fruit diet but, if completely honest, what you’re really excited about is losing weight and losing it quickly."

Fruit Diet For Detoxification and AntiagingWhen looking at weight loss, it is helpful to classify foods into two categories: high-concentration foods and low-concentration foods. Meat, dairy foods, grains, and most junk foods are highly concentrated in calories, whereas fruit and vegetables are high in water content and fiber, making them far lower in calories. In other words, you don’t have to eat less overall, just eat more from the low-concentration food categories.

But what about all that fruit sugar? How does that fit into that now famous Glycemic Index diet? See if you can answer this question: Which enters the bloodstream more gradually—a complex carbohydrate or fruit? Most of us would answer confidently that fruit enters the bloodstream more quickly because it is a simple sugar, whereas complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta are gradually digested and broken down into glucose. But this is a misconception. According to the blood glucose response table given as a guide to diabetics, bread, beans, white potatoes, and brown rice all break down to glucose in the bloodstream more quickly than most fruit. White sugar has a less dramatic shock to blood sugar levels than whole wheat bread! Fructose, the sugar commonly found in all fruit, is the gentlest sugar to enter the bloodstream, requiring the least amount of insulin.

Complex carbohydrates melt in your mouth into simple sugars because of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase that is present in the saliva. Chewing a slice of whole wheat bread will transform up to 50% of the starch into glucose before it even hits the stomach. Fruit is a better source of fuel than bread because of its ability to sustain energy without overtaxing the pancreas for insulin production. Fructose does not need insulin to break down as it is slowly absorbed through the lower intestinal wall.

You will appreciate the detox and anti-aging properties of the fruit diet but, if completely honest, what you’re really excited about is losing weight and losing it quickly. Jay Robb, author of The Fruit Flush Diet, obviously understands this and hopes to monetize on today’s quick-fix weight loss craze. He boldly promises, “Lose up to 9 pounds in 3 days.” The claim is mathematically impossible. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat, which means you would have to burn away 10,500 calories each day for three days. Considering that the average person burns around 2,100 calories a day, and that his book further claims it’s an “all you can eat,” you may burn ½ a pound of real body fat in three days on his program. That’s it! Because you are lowering salt intake, you may lose nine pounds of water-weight in three days, but that will all come back as soon as you go back to your previous sodium-rich diet. We can do better then that.

Providing false expectations may sell books but is counterproductive to permanent, lifelong weight management and improved health. This program will not only dramatically improve health and result in healthy weight loss, but will educate you about how to eat better for the rest of your life. You will never look at food the same way and will have a much better understanding of your body, which is key to permanent weight management. Do the full thirty days and, not only will you have lost weight and years of built-up toxins, but you will have broken food addictions, allowing you to continue to lose weight even after the program ends. As you become equipped with a powerful new understanding of food and your body, this program will be a launching pad to a whole new lifestyle and a whole new you.

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I love this site. I am about to start my own juice fast on Thursday. I am looking forward to using these recipes and sharing them with my family and friends
I just finished a 30 day fruit fast 3 days ago. I feel great! To keep myself motivated, I chronicled my journey on a hubpages article: http://hallyz.hubpages.com/hub/A-Day-by-Day-Chronology-of-My-30-Day-Fruit-Fast-Journey One question I still have about detox programs like this is the constant claim that you can get rid of so-called "mucus". But, has this mucus ever been documented? And where is it located? Are there photos of this stuff? Thanks much for your help.
Great information & site. I recently juiced for 7 days and lost nearly 8lbs. I'm going to do it again starting Jan. 1 and continue for at least 21 days! Continue with the great information.
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