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Can I Remain Active On A Fruit Diet?

“The diet that you do is better than the diet that you don’t do, even if the diet that you don’t do is better than the diet that you do.”


Can I Remain Active On A Fruit Diet?For years, I have written, lectured, and published books about juice fasting. Many thousands of people have juice fasted and emailed me powerful testimonies of transformed health, body, soul, and spirit. One day, I was talking to a sick, overweight, 61-year-old woman who had lived all her life as a farmer. While listening to all the fabulous benefits of juice fasting, she gruffly interrupted me and said defiantly, “There’s no way I would ever just drink juice for thirty days. You need to get real. Not everybody’s like you. There’s lots of people who won’t fast!” I knew she meant it. After twenty years of preaching the gospel of fasting and seeing success, I had to get honest with myself and realize that there is a whole group of people I was missing. They simply will never consider fasting, no matter how great the rewards nor how compelling I am.

When I asked the same woman if she would consider eating fresh fruit, raw nuts and, for supper, a salad and protein food for thirty days, she said, “I could do that.” So there you go. A fruit diet may not be as quick to detoxify but, for the many who would never juice fast in the first place, this program could be a lifesaver. After all, the program you do wins over even a better one you end up not doing. And this fruit diet is very doable for everyone.

Herein lies the beauty of our modified fruit diet. I have custom-made this program to allow for optimum detoxification and fat loss, without interfering with an active lifestyle, even if you’re like me and hit the weights and run seven times a week and are concerned with muscle loss. In fact, this diet is a great way to recover from workouts and not lose muscle mass while achieving those prized cuts. Unlike during juice fasting, your metabolism will not be affected and you will be able to remain active and therefore burn calories while ingesting lower calorie-concentrated foods.

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